ENABLING PERPETUAL CONNECTIVITY for PHARMA companies & HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALs to: collaborate, educate, recommend

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About us

We are the world’s leading independent company in the development of Pharma Marketing solutions

Thanks to our powerful digital transformation platform, we improve pharma marketing ROI and the possibility to provide advanced additional benefits to HCPs. Implementing unique algorithms for incentivising all platform activities, triggers frequent HCP returns and activities – enabling perpetual connectivity.

MED-REP is here today. And tomorrow too.

Our Services


MED-REP is the most innovative SaaS platform connects health professionals and streamlines Information and Management in every stage of Promotion and Education for medicines, medical devices and OTCs.

A two-sided Marketplace-like platform that Incentivizes Healthcare Professionals to learn and recommend, and Lifescience companies (Manufacturers, Distributors) to collaborate, communicate and share more information.

Platform that connects those looking to provide a product, service or information (Pharma companies) with those looking to use that product, service or information (Healthcare professionals).

Lifescience companies

Medical representatives affect the quality of the pharma company’s marketing message to HCPs. They spend too much money & time, have too many steps to achieve one simple goal.


Being approached (visited) by tens of med reps on weekly basis are overwhelmed by information. As a result, less than a third of physicians use working time in direct contact with reps.


Continuously “attacked” by medical & sales representatives, exposed to heavy amount of information they need to “deliver” to the patients, including but not limited to dosage, discounts, etc.

Some key market trend figures

Pharma spending on key digital channels increase [133.2%]
Total investment in pharma promotion [$48.9bn]
Total budget for digital will increase by 2025 [78%]

The industry must now evolve into a long term new commercial strategy, in which a much more hybrid, multichannel approach customer engagement is key.

(IQVIA ChannelDynamics Global Reference 2021)

What our clients & Users say


Just a couple of information some of our Clients and Users have shared with us:

There are always risks and challenges, when someone is trying to change the world. But, the MED-REP change is what this sector needs.
CEO - TitanPharm
The additional income for acquiring latest product information and data, is revolutionary. My employees use it every day.
Owner - Pharmacy
Our Insights

The road ahead

Meet MED-REP, the new service partner for the medical-pharmaceutical community. We facilitate both the collaboration between different Healthcare professionals and the digital transformation of daily operations. From access to specialized publications to product launches or research studies, it all starts here.

The world never goes backwards. Technology always wins, and the world is constantly innovating without waiting for individuals to catch up. MED-REP is helping the Medical Marketing community for the road ahead.

Medical representatives consider, that making a living as a professional medical marketing person involves things like: medical knowledge, product information, communication skills, etc. Those are a GIVEN. What actually matters are the soft skills. Things like empathy, awareness of genre, resilience, etc.

MED-REP is a tool about building a new practice, a chance to move up within an organisation, community or as a person, by doing work that matters. Innovative technology and digital transformation is pushing representation boundaries. And with MED-REP the marketing ideas to grow  brands and businesses will come to live. It is a one mans dream project, to balance between business goals and marketing freedom, together with the many challenges and successes along the way.

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